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What a square!

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I’ve tried to shot pictures sometimes with my camera, Hasselblad.


The conventional outline is following…

  1. I installed a film which is appended with the camera upside down. The mission failed.
  2. I re-shot with a film which I bought, though it was too dark to get the pictures. The mission failed.
  3. I realized for the first time that films have its own defined sensitivity to light: ISO numbers. Mr. rockcape told me that it needs ISO 800 to take the pictures in the room. I re-shot again with it, I got it. The mission completed.
  4. I hung around my neighborhood with my camera without exposure meter on the weekend. I so enjoy. < It’s now.

Palfet, the one of my cats.

a bench to train physical muscle.

I realized myself to walk looking for something good for photograph as generally saying. It’s fun.

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July 14th, 2009 at 6:00 P

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  1. 写真楽しいよ~



    14 Jul 09 at %I:%M %p

  2. >こさっぴさん



    14 Jul 09 at %I:%M %p

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